Peter Alsop’s SONGS TO CHEW

Peter Alsop’s SONGS TO CHEW


Episodes of Peter Alsop’s award winning songs, stories and wisdom; some for kids & families and some for teens and adults!

Today on ‘Songs To Chew’ we’ll listen to a song called SO LONG, and talk about sadness and loss and grieving. We know that things in our lives have beginnings and middles and ends, and so it is with people. Leaving people, places and things behind can be scary and sad and exciting all at the same time. Sometimes leaving things or people that created problems for us becomes even more complicated, because they also provided us with some great stories and unforgettably joyous rides. Some losses in our lives we have absolutely no control over, but sometimes we do have some control and we can choose. With practice, we learn to make better choices, and then we begin to intentionally steer our lives in directions we want to go, and set our course toward a life that we want to live. I’m Peter Alsop. I’ll see you next week with another SONG TO CHEW. Bye for now!

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