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Hardcore Underground as a brand was born in 2006 when we released our first compilation CD in the UK & Ireland. Further critically acclaimed compilations have followed, and have featured some of Hardcore’s finest DJs showcasing exciting, high quality music from both new and established artists alike. In 2009 we became a record label in our own right, with both the third and fourth albums finding their way into mainstream stores on a new imprint, free from any commercial affiliation with anyone; a truly independent record label. We began releasing singles too (initially on 12” vinyl as well as digitally) through all major stores, and continued to host our unique and popular club nights. Since 2013 we have diversified our field of activity massively including starting our own online store. We have continued to release high quality music in various formats, including many landmark releases for the genre, both through our own platform and through other major vendors. We remain as committed to (and as passionate about!) pushing things forward as we have ever been. We will always strive to innovate, and we’ll continue to be at the very forefront of releasing modern music as a self-contained, self sufficient media outlet. Episode 33 – April 2021 (Hosted by Fracus & Darwin) The second show of 2021, and the World of Hardcore has been a busy one on the production front. Showcasing new music from a variety of labels and artists and in a variety of styles as always. Check out the HU store: www.hardcoreunderground.co.uk ‘Share’ / ‘Repost’ and ‘Like’ now, then download or stream! The Hardcore Underground Show is now available as a podcast. You can subscribe via iTunes or directly via RSS at the following URLs: iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/hardcore-underground/id1295064442 Stitcher: www.stitcher.com/podcast/hardcore-underground Contact Us / Send Music: www.hardcoreunderground.co.uk www.facebook.com/HULtdOfficial Twitter: @ FracusAndDarwin (Ignore the gap after the @, that’s just so it doesn’t tag a non-existent SC page) Tracklisting: 01. Fracus & Darwin Vs. Dune – Synthesize (Music Blocks) 02. Fracus & Hartshorn – Ready For Love (Music Blocks) 03. Darwin – Ardcore From The Start (Brutal Kuts) 04. Ravegenix – Drop That Bass (Future Breakz / Lazarus) 05. Maxi Malone – So Beautiful (Unreleased) 06. Fracus & Darwin – Dance Tonight (Brutal Kuts) 07. Entity & Angerzone – Understand (Fracus Remix) (Music Blocks) 08. Darwin Feat. Jeffrey Ward – Sometimes Love Hurts (JAL) 09. Fracus – I Got This (Music Blocks) 10. Darwin – It’s Now Or Never (Brutal Kuts) 11. Darwin & Jack In Box – Give Me The Sunshine (JAL) 12. JAKAZiD – Boomerang (HPTG) 13. Vibena – Euphoric Rush (Endor Recordings) 14. Transcend & Cyrax – I’ll Show You The Darkside (Jakka-B Remix) (Stamina) 15. AK47 X Inquisitive – Turn Me On (One Seventy) 16. Alaguan – Love You Anyway (HPTG) 17. Shimamura & Relect Feat. Lindsey Marie – Northern Lights (KTRA) 18. Jamie Stimpson – So Lost (Fracus & Scottie Remix) (KTRA) 19. Kinn – Take On The World (Music Blocks) 20. Vinylgroover – Hurt (Obsession) 21. Bridgey B & Nobody – I Can See (Justice Hardcore) 22. Tambat Feat. Addie Nicole – How To Breathe (Distrokid) 23. Re-Con & Squad-E – Can’t Buy My Love (Raverbaby)

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