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Book Me


Join former CBC Maritime Noon Host Costas Halavrezos as he interviews the Atlantic Canadians who create the books you love to read. From established, award-winning authors, illustrators, and photographers to the lesser known up-and-comers and other key book contributors delve into the beautiful, mysterious world of books… and discover the passion that fuels it.

Season 8, Episode 3.

The forest is where things burrow and slither and nest, where lichens with little red hats stand on mossy logs, and perfume-sweet wildflowers grow beside neighbours that stink.

At a time when it’s never been so important to get outside, writer/illustrator Sarah Grindler’s “Forest Magic: A Guidebook for LIttle Woodland Explorers” will introduce children, parents, and grandparents to the lively world that’s close as your nearest park or backyard.

She tells Costas Halavrezos how childhood experiences prepared her to create this book.

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