YA, We Read It!

YA, We Read It!


Friendship, adventure, first kisses, first fights, and sometimes supernatural: Young Adult novels are a treasure given to us by authors around the world. Best friends and comedians Laura Petro and Meggie Gates are sitting down for their very own book club to reread the series that shaped their school years in “YA, We Read It!” because yes. Yes, they did actually read it.

This is a podcast on The Social Podcast Network. ***TW: Self Harm***

Everyone’s itching to stay as “bubbly” as possible. What does bubbly even mean? In a way, it means absolutely everything, but also nothing at all… poetic, don’t you think? Laura and Meggie think so too. They’re here to guide you through the next part of Pretties, as Tally and her new-beau Zane (who sadly, still isn’t David) try to find a way out of the city.

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***Dear listener, we want you to know that due to certain plot points in this book, we have a brief discussion on the topic of self-harm. During this episode, we will give you another TW when the conversation starts.

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