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Spoken Label is a podcast series designed to interview and record sessions from authors, poets, artists, musicians etc in North West England and beyond. Formed in 2015 and ran / edited by Andy N, author of ‘Return to Kemptown’ and ‘The End of Summer’,it is always often to submissions from interested artists. Email: aen1mpo@yahoo.co.uk

Latest up from Spoken Label is the lovely Hellena Jane, the author off “The Winter of Our Femininity”.

The book is described as “Dear reader, you may wonder why this girl should matter to you. You might besaying, why should I, dear narrator, care what this child dressed in women’s clothing does?Well, my dear reader, this girl will soon be dead. If you had twelve hours left oflife, what would you do? What mystic forces and players would you confront? But moreimportantly, most importantly, up most importantly, who would you be afraid of?This is a tale of a lonely girl in a depressing world with no real friends. By the end, her body will be cold and her heart will have been stopped. But what did it? Or more importantly, who did it? The last twelve hours of her life could hold the clues to solving it but only if you look close enough.An innocent bystander, convinced that the death has to mean something more. A professor, desperate to hide his secrets. A group of friends just angry enough to be pushed off the edge.Everyone has a motive. Everyone has reason. Everyone has secrets they want to hide.Hellena Jane’s debut novella paints a harsh portrait of society, and the pain lurking within it.”

The book can be purchased at:


https://www.thesundaytribune.com/2021/01/24/entering-the-winter-of-our-femininity-with-hellena-jane/(A recent feature at the Sunday Tribune)

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