The Book That Blank

The Book That Blank


Brothers Jan and Miles Menafee have grown a lot through their love of reading books. Their shared passion inspired them to start Real Ballers Read, a catalyst for helping young people feel more excited about reading through social media and fashion. Here on their podcast, they invite amazing people to talk about meaningful books in their lives, then Jan and Miles read the books, talk about them with their guests, and share the wonderful conversations here with you. Support this podcast:

In this final Part 3 episode, Jan and Miles keep talking with Reggie Bailey— the man behind @reggiereads and one of the hosts of the awesome podcast, Books Are Pop Culture! The party don’t stop…

2:32 You can’t get to the next level by being agreeable

4:34 How does Reggie measure his growth

7:39 Practicing the community you preach

10:34 Talking with Imani Perry

13:18 How to contact and talk with authors’

14:41 👀

19:17 Miles’ questions about the future of the book industry

21:47 Jan’s big questions that he’s pondering

24:47 The media’s selectivity

31:27 The disturbing truth about banned books

38:18 Reggie has his Fat Joe moment

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