Quintus Curtius

Quintus Curtius


Quintus Curtius is an attorney, writer, translator, and former Marine officer. His books deal with a variety of ethical, moral, and character topics, using examples in history, biography, literature, and philosophy. The result is both unique and inspiring. His podcasts are his personal dialogues with listeners. He can be found at www.qcurtius.com We should periodically “revisit” things that once meant something to us years earlier. Every 7 to 10 years or so, we grow significantly in outlook, perspective, and attitude. Things that once meant something to us, may mean something very different to us years later. This holds true of books, movies, individuals, and many other things. To measure how far you’ve progressed, revisit old things, and see how much you’ve changed. I discuss two movies, and how my view of them has changed in the intervening decades.

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