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Joshua Pantalleresco interviews authors and a plethora of other creatives about life, the universe and everything. You can watch the podcasts live at https://www.twitch.tv/justjoshingpodcast as well.

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Lucy is back and this time we’re talking all about Bad Vibrations. Bad Vibrations is Lucy’s latest book launch. We talk about her research on cults, ice cream under train tracks, and more of just our thoughts on how the past and the future connect. Lucy is an amazing, sharp woman and I always enjoy talking to her. Take a listen.

Lucy Leitner

Bad Vibrations

Available Now:

Alice Won? – Available now. Alice escaped the asylum and pursues the Queen of Hearts to the Greek Labyrinth in the underworld, there she must engage in a game of croquet unlike any other, against Jason of the Argonauts. Illustrated by Kenzie Carr, written by yours truly, come to wonderland right now, where the real games begin.

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