Isn’t It Past Your Bedtime?

Isn’t It Past Your Bedtime?


For Book Lovers, by book lovers. Every fortnight, Kristia and Rachael, two long-distance besties chat about the books they stayed up way too late reading. Listen to see which ones were totally worth the loss of sleep and which ones, well, weren’t. Send us your book recommendations to and you might just get a chance to hear our thoughts! Check out our website to see what books we talked about every episode: Music: Sound Effects:

Another haunted house, and some more advice.

Kristia recommends you never live in a place called Jackson Hill. She has no evidence to support this, but trust her, or don’t, your call. If you do move to a place called Jackson Hill into a home you haven’t seen, don’t come crying to her when it turns out your house has a mind of it’s own.

Listen in to learn some more best practices on how to, hopefully, avoid buying a haunted house. If you do ever find yourself in a haunted house, be careful who you trust…

Book Discussed:

Man, Fuck This House by Brian Asman

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