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Books That Make You brings you conversations with both authors and literary folks on the business side of things. We discuss new books, old books, indie books, and all the wonderful themes found within books. Whether you’re an author or an avid book reader, this is the show for you.

We’re talking about Books That Make You Encounter Past Lives — Or Wonder About Them

Inspiration for stories comes from many places. Sometimes from real-life experiences, sometimes from history, childhood memories, dreams…or maybe even a past life.

Our guest today is NJ Simmonds. After a series of recurring flashbacks, she was inspired to write her trilogy. One flashback involved being drowned for witchcraft, another saw her as a young woman in a Roman village.

Because she found reincarnation fascinating, it became the basis of her romantic, feminist fantasy series, which includes “The Path Keeper”, “Son of Secrets”, and “Children of Shadows”.

In addition, she writes Manga comics, and forms one half of the paranormal romance author duo Caedis Knight. When not writing, Natali lectures on storytelling in business. Originally from London, she now lives with her family in Spain and the Netherlands.

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