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Each week we do a deep dive into a nonfiction bestseller. Self-Help. Psychology. Business. Philosophy. In around 30 minutes we cover the major themes and ideas of a recent hit, an important work, or an ancient classic. The result: concentrated wisdom that goes beyond the headlines, makes you think and helps you succeed in relationships, career, or business. The podcast builds on the work of Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of the “50 Classics series”. Get unlimited access to our entire collection of Book Insights on over 100 nonfiction bestsellers with a subscription at

Today in the Book Lounge, Tom & Karin discuss the book The Automatic Millionaire with special guest Sarah Wilson (aka Budget Girl).

Each week Book Insights creator and author of The 50 Classics Series Tom Butler-Bowdon and Memo’d Program Manager Karin Richey invite you to join their fun and casual conversation about the book of the week. Hear what they love it about, what they don’t, how they rate it, and how it can advance your work and life. You’ll learn why it was selected to be part of the curated list of Book Insights, and what’s new with the book or the author currently.

This week, Tom and Karin offer you insight on:

*Sarah Wilson, famously known as Budget Girl on Youtube and Instagram, shares lessons she’s learned from The Automatic Millionaire and how it helped her go from drowning in debt to now having a net worth of over $100k in a few short years.

*Which strategies and techniques work for which income levels and how anyone can get started at any age or financial situation.

*Join the debate – lattes vs no lattes and budget-y vs budget-free – see what works for you!

Show Notes:

What is the difference between Book Insights episodes and Book Lounge episodes?

Book Insights are formal, structured summary, analysis and exploration of a bestselling nonfiction book. Each episode is read by a professional voice actor and will introduce a new title selected specifically for its value to your work and life. Book Lounge episodes are casual discussions about the book, the author, and anything else that comes along through the course of conversation. It’s more of a broad chat about how the book relates to current, everyday life.

Should I listen to both the Book Insight and the Book Lounge episode on the same book?

Sure! Each episode works fine as a standalone piece, so no requirement to listen to both or to listen in any particular order, but we definitely recommend (and think you’ll enjoy!) both. Think of it like reading a book and liking it so much you want to chat about it on the porch with a friend. That is the vibe at the Book Lounge.

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Audio Producer: Daniel Gonzalez

Hosts: Tom Butler-Bowdon & Karin Richey

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