Two Month Review

Two Month Review


Each “season” of Two Month Review highlights a new and amazing work of world literature, reading it slowly over the course of eight to nine episodes. Featuring a rotating set of literary guests—from authors to booksellers, critics, and translators—each episode recaps a short section of the book and uses that as a springboard for a fun (and often irreverent) discussion about literature in a general sense, pop culture, reading approaches, and much more. Talking about great books doesn’t need to be deadly serious, and 2MR makes it fun to everyone (even if you’re not reading along).

Things shift in Ada, or Ardor this week, with Van’s second trip to Ardis being much darker, much more perverse and troubling than the first, “more innocent” summer with Ada. There’s also another couple hints about Terra, and the possiblity of Ada having another lover . . . And, as is par for the course, some amazing writing from Nabokov.

This week’s music is “Reset” by Rich Aucoin, another protest anthem of sorts from his new America album. (With another great, powerful video.)

If you’d prefer to watch the conversation, you can find it on YouTube along with all our past episodes. You can watch episode 5 live next Wednesday where you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions, make comments, or correct inaccurate statments.

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