Randland Wheel of Time TV Podcast

Randland Wheel of Time TV Podcast


Randland is a podcast devoted to the upcoming Amazon Prime Wheel of Time series. The show is woven by close friends who don’t always agree, but do always make each other laugh. Season 1 covers all 2019 production news, series predictions, and limits spoilers to The Eye of the World & The Great Hunt. Season 2 includes full series spoilers, production news, highlights from the fan community, and topical debates around tropes and themes in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time book series. Checkout our RPG and bonus content as well!

Looking at the Schism through the lens of an Election Year, Randland dives deep into exploring the Wheel of Time’s most notorious Amyrlin candidates, Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan and Egwene al’Vere. By examining the strengths and criticisms of the Tower’s vying Amyrlin seats, the Tower debates what it means to have Power, what defines a great Amyrlin, and how each woman deals with the challenging issues of the Third Age. In other news, the eyes-and-ears report Min & Siuan casting reactions, Rosamund Pike’s new sci-fi commitment, and #TwitterOfTime highlights!

Warning: Full Series Spoilers

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