Dissecting Dragons

Dissecting Dragons


Authors J.A. Ironside and M.E. Vaughan talk about books, films and all aspects of speculative fiction, from the nuts and bolts of writing it, to its (occasionally) obscure origins.

After much merriment, followed by more mysterious random tech failures than the dragons have ever experienced before, Jules and Madeleine are pleased to present for your entertainment, this episode on Cursed Objects. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Hope Diamond? We are certain you’ll find the true history even more interesting, not least the works of literature it inspired. Or maybe you didn’t realise that a famous story about a cursed ring, originated from a young professor of Old English assisting with translations at Dwarf Hill near Lydney Camp in Gloucestershire. The real object’s history is an interesting tale. And anything can be cursed, apparently, mundane or fabulous, old or new, innocuous or sinister. Stones, dolls, chairs, jewellery…you name it. Join the dragons on a trip through the histories of a selection of cursed objects and the speculative fiction inspired by them.

Title music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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