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A monthly review of the arts and intellectual life. Interviews, poetry readings, musical criticism, and more. This episode ends with “Embraceable You,” the Gershwin song—but in a piano arrangement by Earl Wild. An extraordinary thing. The episode begins with some Bach—the same piece, more or less, two different ways. Jay also has some music by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, known by some as “the African Mahler.” There is a story, too, about French horn playing. Does your pulse race when you have a big solo? You bet it does. Much to savor here. Bach, Prelude in E minor from Book I of “The Well-Tempered Clavier” Bach-Siloti, Prelude in B minor Coleridge-Taylor, Clarinet Quintet in F-sharp minor, Op. 10, first movement Dove, “Departure,” from “Airport Scenes” Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 5, slow movement Gershwin-Wild, “Embraceable You”

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