Electric Monks: A Dirk Gently Podcast

Electric Monks: A Dirk Gently Podcast


A Podcast devoted to Douglas Adams’ lesser known Dirk Gently book franchise and it’s numerous different adaptations for all different forms of media. Hosted by four fans of Adams from all corners of the globe: Ed from the UK, Nemo from Australia, Dalek from the USA, and Caen from Sweden. Together, they form the Electric Monks, and they believe that their podcast is a pretty cool and froody one; stick with us for adventure, excitement and really wild things.

Ed and Nemo are joined by special guest Yvette Keller to discuss the new Dirk Gently short film, Socially Distanced Dirk, as well as the accompanying 2021 Douglas Adams memorial lectures by Arvind Ethan David and Baroness Susan Greenfield. We also talk about a new kickstarter book project which will provide unearthed archived material from Adams’ own archives, as well as Yvette’s own book based on 42 Douglas Adams-related places, including those described in the Dirk Gently novels.

Link to Yvette’s 42 places book project page: https://yvettekeller.com/forty-two-places/

Link to Douglas Adams archives book kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/unbounders/42-the-wildly-improbable-ideas-of-douglas-adams/

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