What Would Jane Do?

What Would Jane Do?


Julia Golding, author and a Jane Austen fan, is joined by Zoe Wheddon, teacher, researcher and writer, to discuss early nineteenth perspectives on issues in modern life through the lens of the wit and wisdom of Jane Austen. Perfect for fans of Jane Austen or anyone wanting to take a little break from the twenty-first century.

In this episode Julia Golding and Zoe Wheddon look at Jane Austen and childhood. We investigate how her era invented our modern idea of childhood as a time of innocence. But how was she raised? Did new ideas of Rousseau and natural education make it to the parsonage at Steventon? There were many children in her adult life and she was a much loved aunt to her brothers’ children. What games and stories did she play with them? We then go on to look at her novels – there are more children than we first thought! Find out which ones play the most important parts.

Stay listening to find out our Darcy and Mr Collins of the week and all the Jane Austen news!

Books mentioned in this episode are:

Julia Golding, illustrated by Kate Hindley, The Queen’s Wardrobe
Julia Golding, Jane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery
Jacobsen, Devynn and Dayton, Jane Austen Was Here

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