The comedy podcast about toxic characters, writers, and tropes of literature and legend. Join host Emily Edwards to discuss feminist literature, toxic masculinity, gender roles, and intersectional representation in books. These are the Fuckbois of Literature.
[CW: Antisemitism, racism, self-harm, impotence] Fast Company staff writer Joe Berkowitz (@JoeBerkowitz) joins me this week to discuss Ernest Hemingway’s first novel THE SUN ALSO RISES. A story steeped in violence, hate, antisemitism, and bullfighting lends itself to no sympathy and deep questions about how we interact with bigotry.

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American journalist in Paris, Jake Barnes, decides to take a trip with a group of friends for the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. He is accompanied by British woman, Lady Brett Ashley, her fiancĂ©, Mike, and Jewish businessman, Robert Cohn. The group detests Cohn for his Jewishness, but allow him to pay for their trip. Jake and Brett are seemingly in love, but cannot consummate their feelings for Jake was left with a war injury that renders him unable to have sex. Mike seems not to care that Brett is having an emotional affair with Jake and a physical affair with both Cohn and a young bullfighter. Everyone is drunk all the time, and despicable. Based on Ernest Hemingway’s real vacation.

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