Earp Fiction Addiction Podcast

Earp Fiction Addiction Podcast


A fan podcast dedicated to discussing #WynonnaEarp Fanfiction. Hosted by DarkWiccan (aka DW) and @dtburanek!

This week we introduce our new co-host Dresa! Then we immediately throw her in the deep end to chat with celebrity guest! Join DW, Laragh and Dresa as they talk with composer/singer Adaline about song fic, creative crossover, shooting your shot, her upcoming virtual concert AND her incredible nonprofit!

Read the fics!

The 80’s Mixtape AU by Piratekane and iamthegaysmurf

Now I Know What I’ve Been Missing by PDubs

Get Tickets to Adaline’s #IfYouKnowYouKnow concert featuring Jill Andrews and Desiree!

Learn more about Adaline’s nonprofit Bad Believer! Instagram! Linktree! Twitter!

Episode artwork by Chantal Zeegers

This Week’s Reverse Sponsor is Georgie Luttrell

Episode Transcript by ApproxTenCats

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