Bitch is Better

Bitch is Better


A podcast that dives into all of your favorite things: reality tv, celebrity gossip and pop culture. Join me every week and let’s get bitchy!

This week I’m joined by my beautiful and insanely talented friend Hannah Brown and this episode is all gossip! There’s a whole lot going on and we get into ALL of it. We discuss feeling Bravo fatigue/burnout, shows we’re watching outside of Bravo, our celebrity look-alikes, the Beverly Hills trailer, the Family Karma trailer, Paige and Ciara’s recent visit to Charleston, Brittany and Jax’s baby, our thoughts on baby Instagram pages, Porsha/Kandi and the drama around the recent Vulture article about Bravo, the J.Lo and A-Rod breakup, some tea about Teresa’s new boyfriend, our thoughts on Hannah and Des and much more!
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