The All-Night Drive-In Picture Show

The All-Night Drive-In Picture Show


A podcast celebrating the good, the bad, the artistic and the absurdity of movies and the drive-in experience. Hosted by Ryan Mason and Charles Wood.

First, the boys head to the wilds of Jasper, Missouri, where a Zen Cooler has to get his hands dirty to clean up a corrupt small-town dive bar in Road House!


The fellas grab their floaties and boogie boards and trek to California where a Quarterback Punk teams up with a two-legged donkey to stop a bunch of surfing presidents from robbing banks in Point Break!


Have a movie request? A compliment about our delicious snack bar treats, our (mostly) friendly staff and our spotless restrooms? Don’t bother filling out a comment card. (Lucy throws those away.)

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Instagram: @allnightdrivein



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We appreciate your patronage and please hang up your speaker, and drive safely!

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