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Boston musicians Kathleen Mahoney and Ryan Major chat with their musician friends about music biopics. Find us on Instagram @rocknrollfilmclub or send us an email at

Kathleen and Ryan talk to Emily Arkin (Shepherdess, Harsh Foxing) and Hilken Mancini (Punk Rock Aerobics, also Shepherdess!) about I’m Not There, Todd Haynes’ 2007 film that explores the life and legend of Bob Dylan. (It also features Emily’s dad! First movie we’ve covered to feature a guest’s dad!) Along the way, we grapple with Dylan’s inscrutability and singular appeal, reflect on our personal relationships with his music, and speculate about why he allegedly went looking for Bruce Springsteen’s house just a few years ago. Also, who wants to be in our Bob Dylan book club?


– Emily and Hilken’s Dylan cover mixtape:
– Bob Dylan tries to find Springsteen’s house
– I’m Not There’s cinematic influences
– Punk Rock Aerobics featured in Green Day’s new music video!
– Shepherdess plays Once VV
– Follow us on Instagram: @rocknrollfilmclub (Also, check out Emily’s stunning notes for this episode!)

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