Not A Lady: A Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast

Not A Lady: A Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Podcast


A history buff and a medical student take a positive, analytical look at every single episode of CBS’s 1990s Western, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (starring Jane Seymour). The sisters discuss not only the plot of each episode (spoiler-free for future episodes), but also dig deeper into the historical, cultural, moral, and medical presentation one episode at a time. Whether you’re a long time Dr. Quinn fan or newly discovering this classic show, we’re excited to journey to The New Frontier together!

In which Hank’s secret son (a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is discovered by Dr. Quinn causing major objections and discomfort amongst the townsfolk. In this episode, Sarah may or may not fangirl for the first time while Kelly makes an argument for childhood trauma and environment over perceived mental handicaps or learning disabilities. Join the sisters for their detailed look at Season 1, Episode 16: The Secret.


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