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Eyre on Air


Eyre on Air is a period drama podcast…mostly. Every two weeks, Jenn, Joe, and Kelsey watch and review a movie or television show set in the past, make incredibly inane and inappropriate jokes, and try to give you as much historical background information as their collective degrees and internet sleuthing will allow. If you’ve got a boner for obscure facts about royals and get annoyed that there aren’t enough POC in your period dramas, then we’re the podcast for you!

He is Risen! If by “He,” you mean the sexual tension between Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell in this week’s movie. We’re discussing 2011’s masterpiece of a film, The Eagle, by Kevin Macdonald. Get excited for Romans, casual racism against indigenous peoples, weird accents, homoeroticism, and Donald Sutherland! This film has everything! Except speaking parts for women!

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