Edicts on E. Dicks

Edicts on E. Dicks


A podcast about Emily Dickinson, but now she f*cks. Hello all, we’re Kyle and Benjamin. We love Emily Dickinson (?) and are really excited to watch the new Apple+ TV show ‘Dickinson’. Join us as we discuss the show episode by episode, while also reflecting on the grim realities of life in 19th century New England with “charm” and “wit”. Got questions? Don’t we all? Feel free to write to us at edictsonedicks@gmail.com.

We cross the halfway mark of Season 2 of Dickinson with the help of a special guest star, queer filmmaker and writer Graham Kolbeins! Join us as we discuss salon culture, the Weirdo Night queer arts scene of Los Angeles, concepts of sexual and gender identities through history, and whether or not The Scarlet Letter kinda sucks. Kyle learns the proper pronunciation of “ribald” and we wonder whether Emily’s luscious pea might be a symbol for something else…

As always, you can reach us at edictsonedicks@gmail.com.

Emily’s poem for this episode is a tiny little anthill that explodes with the force of a volcano:

Forbidden Fruit a flavor has
That lawful Orchards mocks—
How luscious lies within the pod
The pea that Duty locks!

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