Did That Really Happen?

Did That Really Happen?


The movie podcast for history nerds. Every week, historians Jamie and Sofia talk about a different historical film and take a deep dive into the parts that did and didn’t really happen. In each episode, we try to answer the big questions: Is this good history? Is this a good movie? And are those the same thing? To get in touch, send us an email at DidThatReallyHappenPod@gmail.com, or follow us on Twitter @ReallyHappenPod. You can also support the show by visiting Patreon.com/DidThatReallyHappen Our theme music is “Allon Gay Gay”, performed by Jon Sayles.

This week we’re traveling back to Regency England with Sense and Sensibility! Join us for a discussion of pineapples, the Bill and Ted Test, Regency medicine, the Porcupine newspaper, the late great Alan Rickman, and more!


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Film Background:

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