Oh Mylanta/HolyChalupas: A Full House Fuller House Podcast

Oh Mylanta/HolyChalupas: A Full House Fuller House Podcast


This podcast is dedicated to one of the greatest 80’s/90’s TV Shows of all time, Full House and also it’s sequel show Fuller House. Each episode will focus on a character or theme from one of the shows. Email the show at omhcfhfhpodcast@gmail.com Happy Full House Friday Everyone, Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast. Today, I covered the final episode in the Weird But Funny Dream Sequences Series with Full House S8E15: My Left and Right Foot, which aired on January 31, 1995. In this episode Michelle frets about the size of her feet after DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy tease her at the shoe store. Just like with Michelle, Jesse and the guys continue the tradition of Bear songs before bed for Nicky and Alex with the song “Return to Pooh Corner” by Kenny Loggins, yes, the same musical artist who preformed “Danger Zone” in the movie Top Gun and “Footloose” in the movie of the same name created this beautiful gem of a song, “Return To Pooh Corner”. Becky comes in and interrupts their musical number by singing off key very loudly. Jesse takes it upon himself to help Becky with her singing but it only leads to him criticizing her, later he finally hears her singing to the boys and realizes he was wrong to misjudge her. I’ll tell you, even reading the lyrics of this song brought on the tears. This is one time I actually felt for Michelle, the ribbing (teasing) from her older siblings was too much and I think sometimes older siblings don’t realize their teasing can go too far and having damaging effects especially on a younger sibling. Michelle is at first happy her feet are growing so much, the salesman actually says she has healthy feet (interesting, is he also a pediatrist?) is he qualified to make that assessment? Quickly due to the teasing, Michelle’s demeanor turns from happy to sour and then she starts feeling anxious like there’s something wrong with her because he feet have grown two sizes in one year and then she becomes determined to fix the problem with the help of her friend Lisa who suggests she shrink her feet with a bucket full of cold water, ice and shrink wrap. I like how Danny explains to Michelle how her feet growing two sizes a year is just her body developing as she gets older. He also tells DJ and Stephanie that their teasing of Michelle was wrong and they have to be careful of how they say things because hurtful words could be damaging to little kids self esteem. Final Thoughts On Episode: Words can hurt, choose them wisely. Join me next month in May when I cover Fuller House S5E13: College Tours, which aired on June 2, 2020 for Mother’s Day. In this episode Kimmy finds out Ramona is looking at colleges on the East coast, she and DJ take Ramona and Jackson on a tour of Cal University. DJ tries to get Jackson enthusiastic about college and discovers he has talents that she hadn’t noticed. and also for Bob Saget’s Birthday Episode on May 17, Full House S%E22: The Trouble With Danny, which aired on March 17, 1992. In this episode Danny is overzealous about spring cleaning which leads to the rest of the family to have a Things That Danny Does That We Don’t Like Meeting in DJ’s room however unbeknownst to them Danny overhears as he was putting new shelf paper in DJ’s closet. Feeling the family is tired of his over the top cleaning ways, he flees to the mountains for some self reflecting and comes back a changed Danny or does he? To EMAIL The Podcast Go To: omhcfhfhpodcats@gmail.com

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