Random Acts of Cinema

Random Acts of Cinema


Each week friends Mike and Charlie have Randy (the random number generator) select a film for them to watch from the Criterion Collection. Then they discuss and review it for your listening pleasure. It’s a podcast about the love of film, expanding horizons, painstakingly cataloging the duration of every long take, and friendship.

Director Kon Ichikawa’s The Makioka Sisters, based on the book by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, catalogs the domestic dramas of the eponymous four women and their family circle in 1930s Japan. Matchmaking, marriage, and the juggling of suitors for the youngest two siblings become complicated by stubborn personalities, dwindling status in society, and the shame of past scandals. The demanding pressure of modernity and a changing Japan beleaguer the family into choices to either compromise or even abandoning the mores of traditional culture.

If you’d like to watch ahead for next week’s film, we will be discussing and reviewing Wim Wenders’ Until the End of the World (1991).

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