You’re Gonna Love This… or Not…

You’re Gonna Love This… or Not…


Matt loves watching bad movies in his basement. Josh loves giving Matt a hard time about bad movies. Now, Matt is on a quest to find a bad movie Josh will like.

Welcome to Year Two of You’re Gonna Love This… or Not…! For those who have just joined us, this podcast features Matt, who loves watching bad movies in his basement, and Josh, who loves giving Matt grief for his love of bad movies. Every month, Matt is going to bring Josh down to his Subterranean Fun Pit (aka, his basement) and show him one of his favorite bad movies, hoping to find one Josh loves, or at least likes a little bit. On occasion, they bring in guests.

Since everybody is still all, “NO MASKS, MAH FREEDUMBS!” the YGLToN crew is still doing their movie watching remotely. This month, they’re celebrating Sharktember with 1981’s The Last Shark, which has an angry great white shark taking revenge on a coastal town for building a beach for swimmers, and is in no way a rip off of Jaws. Once again, Josh is joined by Producer Mike as they watch and talk about the film. Will they like it? Will Matt feel any remorse if both Josh and Mike hate it?

Sit back, put in your earbuds, make sure you have your mask on in public, and let these chuckle heads fill your ear holes as you find out what they think!

NOTE: You’re Gonna Love This… or Not… contains harsh language, and reviews R-rated films, so it is not suitable for younger listeners. Worse, it contains spoilers.

Time stamps!

– 0:00 – 0:04 Language Disclaimer
– 0:05 – 1:15 Introduction – Matt calls Josh
– 1:15– 2:05 “Our Big Adventure” by Scott Holmes
– 1:30 – 2:02 Introduction, Movie Title Announced
– 2:05 – 4:58 Trailer, The Last Shark
– 4:59 – 1:15:29 Post-movie Discussion
– 1:15:29 – 1:16:16 “Ukulele Whistle” by Scott Holmes
– 1:15:40 – 1:16:16 Outro

Links of note!

– Featured Movie

– The Last Shark (Amazon Affiliate Link)

– Other Movies and Television Series Mentioned

– Jaws (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Jaws 2 (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Jaws the Revenge (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Deep Blue Sea (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– West Side Story (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Birdemic (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– The Happening (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Batman The Movie (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Magnum P.I. (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– When Time Ran Out (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Twilight Zone: The Movie (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Ladyhawke (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– The Inglorious Bastards (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Heartbeeps (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Doom Patrol (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Snakes on a Plane (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Snakes on a Train (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Transmorphers: Fall of Man (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Playmobil the Movie (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Chop Kick Panda (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Tangled Up (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Sunday School Musical (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Metal Man (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Miami Connection (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Wolf Cop (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– Who Can Kill a Child (Amazon Affiliate Link)
– The Velocipastor (Amazon Affiliate Link)

– Where to find the cast online!

– Matt’s Twitter
– Josh’s Twitter
– Mike’s Twitter

– Music featured on this Episode

– Opening track: “Our Big Adventure” by Scott Holmes
– Closing track: “Ukulele Whistle” by Scott Holmes
– All tracks off of Scott Holmes’ “Happy Music”, used under non-commercial/attribution license through the Free Music Archive (LINK).

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Thank you all for listening! As always, be excellent to each other, and to yourselves! I’ll see you all soon!

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