The One Season Show

The One Season Show


Chris and Jess team up to discuss the untimely ends and mercy kills of one season-long shows as they traverse the lands of failed television. In this podcast, we tackle each show and determine if it was cruelly cut down in its prime or if it should have lived to see another season. Jess and Chris continue their monthly journey into the weird world of single seasons TV shows with a continued look at 1967’s spy science fiction mashup The Prisoner.

The show, created by the main star Patrick McGoohan, follows Number Six, a secret agent who, after turning in his resignation, is kidnapped by unseen forces and sent to the Island. The Island is a home for dissenters, and other individuals deemed too dangerous to live in the public unchecked. As Number Six attempts to unravel the mystery behind why he has been sent to the Island, he must also rebuff attempts at cracking his psyche to figure out what secrets he may know.

Jess and Chris talk about the show’s muddled episode order, the second and third episodes, and much more!

You can follow Jess @writerjessbyard, Chris @casualty_chris, and @oneseasonshow along with a big thanks to Chalalatas for their song “Mustaches and Martinis.”

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