What Time Is It? A Showtime Podcast

What Time Is It? A Showtime Podcast


Welcome to “What time is it? A Showtime Podcast”. Your hosts, Felipe and Divya, talk about films, the industry, and movie-related hot topics in this weekly podcast alongside guests from the university, Austin, and more. Felipe and Divya are students at The University of Texas at Austin and are officers of Showtime, a committee under Campus Events and Entertainment at the university. Along with film-based discussions, we will also talk about upcoming screenings from Showtime for the greater UT community. Follow us on social media: @utshowtime @utexascee

Spring 2021 | Episode 6

Felipe, Divya, Breanna, Cesar, and Steven sit down to talk about their favorite Disney movies – only to spend two hours talking only about Pixar. In a very fun episode, listen to us discussing the best films, the ones that make us cry the most, and even our favorite theories. From the injustice of the Cars franchise to Mexican Heaven, we are covering every corner of the universe.

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