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Every Friday we review films that are part of our non-stop festivals. These festivals will cover a treasure trove of topics about film history from famous directors to genres to modern classics and punishment reviews. We are here to dive deep into each film and educate ourselves and you along the way. And what better way to have these discussions than with old friends. Adam Sherlock and Adam Palcher had a podcast since 2007 named A Damn Movie Podcast with over 300 episodes, in 2019 we decided to rebrand into Deep Dive Film School. Our brotherly love is a huge part of the show and we want to share that with you while we drink, curse, laugh and dissect our love of movies. We do SPOIL in most every episode so please be aware! Please subscribe and you can email us at deepdivefilmschool@gmail.com or hit us up on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy! *We are not an actual accredited film school, it’s just a clever name.

This week we extend the Director’s Revenge Festivals with a Forgotten Gem and masterpiece of the wonderful mind of Terry Gilliam. The story of a shock-jock who gets entangled in tragic events with a homeless man. This delightful film also has an all-star cast of Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Mercedes Ruehl and Amanda Plummer.

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