I’ll Be Back Catalogue

I’ll Be Back Catalogue


Steven Lyons and Mike Kevan delve into every single Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from the beginning. Each episode features 2 local comedians, to dissect the movie and discuss their love… or disinterest of the Great Austrian himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Episode Notes

Hosts Mike Kevan and Steven Lyons are joined by Jamie Campbell and Hannah Unruh to discuss the Arnie embarassment and not the Beastie Boys classic, Sabotage!

Recent Episodes

  • S6E2 - S6E2 Sabotage

    4 months ago
  • S6E1 - S6E1 Escape Plan

    5 months ago
  • S5E6 The Last Stand

    6 months ago
  • S5E5 Expendables 1 + 2

    7 months ago
  • S5E4 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

    1 year ago
  • S5E3 Collateral Damage

    1 year ago
  • S5E2 The 6th Day

    1 year ago
  • S5E1 End of Days

    1 year ago
  • ASSBM: Die Hard

    2 years ago
  • ASSBM: Aliens

    2 years ago