Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents


Rob and Jemry are going through the entire filmography of one Hollywood Actor/Creator from start to end. In the first season we are watching the complete works of Arnold Schwarzenegger.* We review the movies, we review the Arnolds, we address the highlights and the low-lights and we even suggest how we’d do it given the chance. We cannot stress enough that we are not endorsed by the big man himself. *We reserve the right to veto cameo appearances, uncredited appearances, or “as himself”.

It’s finally here, the first annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Battle Royale! Marvel as all 44 previous Arnold Schwarzenegger characters are sorted into categories and forced to fight to the death in a tournament scenario. Can Mr. Freeze overcome Handsome Stranger? Will the T-800 Terminator defeat the T-850 one? And who exactly is Bar Patron?

Joined by Ry, creator of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents and Sven Watch themes, Rob and Jemry oversee the grand Arnold Schwarzenegger Battle Royale, and come to a surprising result.

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