Victrola! Sketch Comedy Podcast

Victrola! Sketch Comedy Podcast


Victrola! is a monthly smorgasbord of audio-phonic chaos. Sketch comedy culled together from improvised bits and forged into a single, mighty podcast! Brought to you by the fine folks at Austin’s ColdTowne Theater. Written by and Starring Michael Jastroch, Bob McNichol, Bryan Roberts, Lance Gilstrap, Cortnie Jones and Jericho Thorp. Produced by Michael Jastroch, in collaboration with our good friends at Got Your Back! (

We’re back from out unplanned hiatus! The real world conspired against us, and we thought it best to hit the pause button for a bit. Bad news: everything is still melting down around us. Good news (?): We’re trying to get back to a normal release schedule with full length episodes out the first Wednesday of every month and microsodes coming as they come.

This episode features special guest Jose Gonzales from Phoenix! Thanks to the miracle of modern internet meeting tech, we’re able to pipe him in!

Don’t forget to tune in live Monday nights at 8pm central at to watch us in a medium that excuses mediocre fidelity.

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Track Listing

Video Game Tip Line

Tattoo Parlor

Nightmare on Elm Street

Wrong Door

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