Movie Trivia Schmoedown

Movie Trivia Schmoedown

by SEN Audio

December 4, 2019 7:54 am

SEN Live is a daily two-hour entertainment show hosted live by Kristian Harloff (‘Movie Trivia Schmoedown’) on YouTube at 11 a.m. PT and available immediately after as a podcast. On today’s episode Kristian is joined by Brett Sheridan, Kate Mulligan, RB3, Ben Goddard and special guests Ben Bateman and Mark Ellis. We will talk about the new teaser trailer for Black Widow, Rian Johnson saying he would like to direct an episode of The Mandalorian, and The Spectacular preview.


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Star Wars arcade game-4:00
Schmoedown ranking teams-7:20
Mandalorian Chapter 4-11:20
Is it wrong to fart in the car?-13:40
Ben Bateman is the worst farter-16:00
Brett rants are the best-19:40
Schmoedown draft talk-21:00
What draft is Bagel Boy goin-24:00
Moms shouldn’t watch this-26:30
Clarke Wolfe big moments-28:30
It’s Christmas time!!-30:20
Is Chapter 4 filler-31:00
More Irishman talk-34:00
Rian Johnson Directing mandalorian-36:00
Potato shortage is a real problem-47:40
Worst movies of 2019-51:50
Schmoedown characters change?-55:00
Favorite score-59:15
Mark Ellis in the building!-1:01:40
Who doesn’t love mark Ellis-1:04:30
Black Widow Trailer-1:07:40
Ellis answers the big questions-1:10:30
Billie Eilish doesn’t know Van Halen-1:13:30
Ellis rants are the best-1:18:30
Bateman and Ghai are the worst-1:23:20
Vacation in the Star Wars universe-1:29:30
Loony Bin on the come up-1:31:00
Is Rian Johnson funny?-1:36:00
What record should become a musical-1:38:00
Where is R2D2?!?!-1:40:30
Ellis vs Murrel (Spectacular talk)-1:47:00
Underrated Director-1:51:00
Kate rants a lot-1:53:30
Superchat questions!-1:56:00

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