Hey Riddle Riddle

Hey Riddle Riddle


Riddles! Puzzles! WhoDunnits! Adal Rifai, Erin Keif and John Patrick Coan, three of Chicago’s most overrated improvisers, are on the case to solve every riddle, puzzle, brain-teaser, and head-scratcher known to humanity. Some riddles are almost impossible, some are absolutely improbable, and some simply have not aged well. And if you don’t like riddles, don’t worry! This podcast is barely about them!

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One of our own joins the ranks of nobility and there is cause for celebration! Don’t worry, the title change doesn’t make us any less excellent at solving riddles. We also see an unlikely couple finding love in an unlikely place, the resurgence of one of our nation’s finest businesses, the last and finest moments of two soulmates, nature’s ability to heal, and some roadside assistance. All that and a bag of improv, what a deal! Happy #WiddleWednesday


Adal Rifai

John Patrick Coan

Erin Keif

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Casey Toney

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Arne Parrott

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Emily Kardamis & Emmaline Morris

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