Hey Riddle Riddle

Hey Riddle Riddle

by HeadGum

January 15, 2020 5:35 pm

Riddles! Puzzles! WhoDunnits! Adal Rifai, Erin Keif and JPC try and solve a few of these every episode while discussing and dissecting along the way. You can play along while listening but can you solve the questions before we do?? (you absolutely will)

Episode 78 has so much to offer! We’ve got the giving tree, birds in a tree, and the return of the SANDBOX with Sandy Weisz . Adal, Erin, and JPC go on a three person date with each other to just see if it works and JPC introduces us to a new Bond villain! Don’t forget to buy your tickets to our San Francisco live show this week!

Check out Sandy Weisz on twitter @pzlr or The Mystery League

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