Fake Headlines Podcast

Fake Headlines Podcast


A weekly comedy news podcast featuring a husband & wife comedy duo. Each week we go over some real life news stories while attempting to fake each other out with a couple of made up ones. This week’s comedy news podcast headlines include illegal fireworks, gourmet meal kits, demolition derby’s, faces in the sky, an audience of plants, and a sexual catastrophe!

Fake Headlines is a weekly comedy news podcast featuring a husband & wife riffing on absurd news with some made up headlines thrown into the mix! We don’t know what headlines ahead of time that the other person has prepared, and we see where the conversation takes us.

– Barcelona Opera Reopens With An Audience Of Plants

– French Chef Combats Restaurant Closure by Creating Gourmet Food Kit

– Near Sighted Grandpappy Calls Authorities Upon Seeing Crowd of Faces in the Sky

– Drive Through Haunted House Leads To Drive Thru Demolition Derby

– Several Arrested When Illegal Fireworks Show Knocks Out Neighborhood Internet

– Pair hired for man’s sexual fantasy turn up in bedroom at wrong address with machetes

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