Fake Headlines Podcast

Fake Headlines Podcast

by Kevin and Tiffany Dillon

December 5, 2019 4:00 pm

Each week, Kevin and Tiffany Dillon pitch each other three weird headlines, and they try to figure out which one is actually real!
Each week we try to guess the contents of a story based only on the headlines we each bring to the mic, but only one of them is real.Sound weird? It is, but it’s super fun. Just a husband and wife riffing on weird news events. Hop on and enjoy the ride! Welcome to your new favorite indie comedy podcast!Happy December, Fake Friends! We kick off this month with a new episode of weird. Kevin and Tiffany talk about tiny space creatures, the Human Snail, Mothman, message in bottles, redemption centers (we love you environment!) and a lady who just can’t stop collecting photogenic pets! This Week’s Headlines:A Man with Extreme Perspiration Through his Feet Calls Himself “The Human Snail”Homeowner Chops Down a Hundred Year Old Tree and Finds a Message in a BottlePatient Pet Owner Gets Her 17 Cats and Dogs to Pose for Photo TogetherCrashed Spacecraft May Have Left Tiny But Tough Creatures on the MoonCousins Photograph Mothman Sitting Under Tree, Reflecting?Bottle Redemption Center Opens New Service Collecting Amazon BoxesGet one free month of Stitcher Premium by going to stitcher.com/premium and entering promo code FAKEHEADLINESListen to some of your favorite shows ad-free with Stitcher premium like Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, My Favorite Murder, Having Funlessness with Jen Kirkman, Natch Beaut, Office Ladies, Prompt and Circumstance, Welcome to my Show, Science Rules with Bill Nye and so many more!This week’s episode is sponsored by Audible! Get one free download along with a FREE 30 Day Trial by going to audibletrial.com/fakeheadpod*Social Media! *Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Instagram! Follow us on Facebook!Follow us on Pinterest! Email Us! FakeHeadlinesPodcast@gmail.comVisit Website! www.fakeheadlinespodcast.com

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