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Johnny And The Greg Podcast


Join Johnny and The Greg as they take on various topics and host a mix of guests as they see where the conversation takes them. It’s a podcast born of random conversations from current events, news, sports, entertainment, religion, to those random questions you ask yourself when no one is around. You can catch #TopicThunder every Monday at 2pm ct for short talks on a random topic of the day and their longer #InTheMiddle on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.

Let’s make one thing clear: John Walker is meant to be unlikeable, and Wyatt Russell does an amazing job at portraying the character. Please remember to hate the character, not the actor. And also don’t send fucking death threats to actors doing their jobs, thanks.

Also on today’s show we discuss TheGreg’s birthday steak which may have been the best he’s ever had (Thanks to Coco’s Steakhouse in Oconomowoc, WI for that), TheGreg’s aversion to lobster, and one of our favorite subjects….the #MCU

Today’s question: What a chef’s famous dish you’d like to try? Give us your answer in the comments section.

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