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David Knight brings you news, interviews and analysis LIVE every weekday morning. With decades of experience as news anchor, reporter and radio host, political candidate, David has broadcast live from events ranging from political conventions to the Bundy ranch standoff. With guests ranging from the former tech head of the NSA to the New Jersey Weedman, the broadcasts are diverse in topics. As an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and politics, Knight explores the junction of business, technology and freedom with experts in their field. Show Outline — with topics by timecode:

AFTER 959 DAYS —Ben Shapiro: “It’s now perfectly clear that we were lied to.” Is Ben REALLY that gullible? 7:16

Is good that Alt-Establishment media like Shapiro are admitting that the TrumpShots are bad, but it begs the question: What needs to be done about the vaccine in light of that “discovery”? 10:52

Two charts showing mRNA vaccine tied to increased death rates. 18:11

Black people have a higher death rate than white people — could it be acceptance rate of mRNA vaccine? 21:57

Vaccines and vaccination have become a religious belief, no evidence needed, no science allowed. 29:16

Austin, Texas woman waits on hold with 911 for 15 minutes as her husband dies. Did they fire responders for not getting jabbed? 44:17

Titanium Dioxide found in large percentage of MASKS 46:59

Even the Left can’t defend Fetterman’s performance in the debate, but thanks to the Trump Precedent of MAIL-OUT election ballots, the debate may not matter 53:12

Fetterman proves he’s not cognitively able to serve.

The best debate Tuesday night was the one between the media scrum and Tudor Nixon AFTER her debate with Gretchen Whitmer 1:02:51

Oz & Fetterman may not be worth a look, but the issues discussed — highlight the differences between the parties on issues like ENERGY 1:05:35

Would you support legislation that would issue a federal abortion ban? 1:13:16

Why did the Democratic Party allow him to go out on stage?

In NY, Hochul doesn’t understand why CRIME is an issue to the people and why Zeldin keeps asking her about it. What’s happening in Democrat run Houston. 1:20:39

David welcomes Tony Arterburn to the show. “Dr. Doom”, Nouriel Roubini thinks predicts worst financial crisis in half century. Here’s what he suggests… 1:29:44

What are the mega risks in the works? 1:32:51

Half of COMEX “Eligible” silver found to NOT exist? What’s going on in the world of precious metals right now? 1:40:51

What’s happening in the crypto markets. 1:52:47

Is the term “globalist”, racist, anti-semitic? 2:01:54

Jeremy Hunt is now running the country. This is a globalist coup. 2:05:43

Boris Johnson is coming to the United States to lobby for Ukraine. Is the globalist working pro bono or as paid lobbyist? 2:11:30

Tesco, the largest grocery store chain in the world. It’s first “Checkout Free” store in central London shows a disturbing pattern for “smart” surveillance and corporate “governance”. 2:19:30

Former head of CIA and NSA brags “we kill people based on Metadata” 2:21:22

Canadians can now no longer buy or sell handguns because Dictator Trudeau says so 2:28:17

Diesel supplies are very scarce across the northeast and in the Southeast.

Green Davos dictator, UK PM Rishi Sunak, bans fracking AND bans On-shore wind farms. ZERO ENERGY policy. 2:41:21

NPR tries to make the case that Biden’s policies have nothing to do with the price of oil — and the record draw down of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) has nothing to do with Biden or politics? 2:48:55

Biden’s marijuana pardons was just a calculated lie, virtue signaling, did not free a single federal prisoner. 2:56:57

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