The Ben Joravsky Show

The Ben Joravsky Show

by Ben Joravsky, Chicago Reader, Chicago Sun-Times

October 14, 2019 9:00 pm

The Ben Joravsky Show is a podcast presented by the Chicago Reader and Chicago Sun-Times. The show streams from the Sun-Times’s studios in the West Loop Tuesdays through Fridays between 1 and 3 PM and airs live on the Sun-Times and Reader websites during that time. It is also downloadable after the live stream. The podcast is available on the Reader and Sun-Times sites — and on all other major podcast platforms.

April Preyar is the co-owner and partner of the Shiller Preyar Law Offices, a boutique firm in Chicago, specializing in immigration, criminal defense, police misconduct and election law. April is also the creator of “Trials & Triumph” A new board game helping teens stay on the right side of the law.


BONUS! Monday October 14: With Defense Attorney April Preyar 1 week ago 60m
BONUS! Sunday October 13: With Neill Mohammad 1 week ago 69m
BONUS! Saturday October 12: With Joe Cowley 1 week ago 48m
Friday October 11: With Rummana Hussain, Peter Janko & Tom Schuba 2 weeks ago 142m
Thursday October 10: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Pat Quinn & Andrea Raila 2 weeks ago 134m
Wednesday: October 9: With Robert Herguth, Sergio Mims & Carlos Ballesteros 2 weeks ago 134m
Tuesday October 8: Stacy Davis-Gates of The Chicago Teachers Union (interview only) 2 weeks ago 44m
Tuesday October 8: With Maya Dukmasova, Adolfo Mondragon & Stacy Davis-Gates 2 weeks ago 140m
BONUS! Monday October 7: Oh, What a Week it Was "Pritzker Saves Lincoln & Yay For Our Teachers!" 2 weeks ago 37m
BONUS! Monday October 7: "A Bernie Sanders Update" Special with Miles Kampf-Lassin & Micah Uetricht 2 weeks ago 63m
BONUS! Sunday October 6: "A Chicago Teachers Update" With Andrea Parker 2 weeks ago 46m
BONUS! Saturday October 5: "The Trump Files" With Ace Attorney Jim Coogan 2 weeks ago 55m
Friday October 4: With Rummana Hussain, Kina Collins & The Illinois Political Know it Alls 3 weeks ago 146m
Thursday October 3: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Ed Maher & State Rep Chris Welch 3 weeks ago 120m
Wednesday October 2: With Monroe Anderson, Pat Whalen & Robert Peters 3 weeks ago 132m
Tuesday October 1: With Maya Dukmasova, Amisha Patel & Carlos Ramirez Rosa 3 weeks ago 126m
BONUS! Monday September 30: Oh, What a Week it Was "A Teacher Strike Looming & The Sandoval Shakedown" 3 weeks ago 31m
BONUS! Monday September 30: "Will Their Be a Teachers Strike?" With Dan Montgomery 3 weeks ago 48m
BONUS! Sunday September 29: For 10 Trivia Points: The Chicago Reader vs The Chicago Sun Times 3 weeks ago 45m
BONUS! Sunday September 29: Banned Books Week with Deborah Caldwell Stone 3 weeks ago 52m
BONUS! Saturday September 28: With Dan Savage 3 weeks ago 37m
Friday September 27: With Rummana Hussain, Meredith Shiner & The Heartland Mamas 4 weeks ago 141m
Thursday September 26: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Don Villar & Nicole Johnson 4 weeks ago 142m
Wednesday September 25: With Monroe Anderson, Atiba Buchanan & Kelly Kean 4 weeks ago 126m
Tuesday September 24: With Maya Dukmasova & Alderman Ray Lopez 4 weeks ago 87m
BONUS! Monday September 23: Oh, What a Week it Was "A Mayor and her Aldermen & Budget Town Hall #3" 4 weeks ago 28m
BONUS! Monday September 23: With Pete Cunningham 4 weeks ago 70m
BONUS! Sunday September 22: With Robert Herguth 1 month ago 54m
BONUS! Saturday September 21: With Maudlyne Ihejirika 1 month ago 60m
Friday September 20: With Rummana Hussain, Terry Cosgrove, Cecile Richards & Doris Davenport 1 month ago 144m
Thursday September 19: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Jeff Johnson, David Feller & Jaime Andrade 1 month ago 142m
Wednesday September 18: With Monroe Anderson, Sergio Vicente & Maureen O'Donnell 1 month ago 134m
Tuesday September 17: With Maya Dukmasova, David Roeder & Ken Mejia-Beal 1 month ago 118m
BONUS! Monday September 16: Oh, What a Week it Was "Rahm on ABC" 1 month ago 39m
BONUS! Monday September 16: "2020 Post Debate Special" With Sameena Mustafa & Litesa Wallace 1 month ago 78m
BONUS! Sunday September 15: "The Jeffrey Epstein Deep Dive" With Attorney Len Goodman 1 month ago 63m
BONUS! Saturday September 14: With Kerry Reid 1 month ago 39m
Friday September 13: With Rummana Hussain, Robert Martwick, Vaughn Bryant & Frank Perez 1 month ago 143m
Thursday September 12: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Charise Williams & Ismael Cuevas 1 month ago 142m
Wednesday September 11: "Rahm for President?" With Monroe Anderson & Pat Whalen 1 month ago 89m
Tuesday September 10: With Maya Dukmasova, Vanessa Buenger & Lavonte Stewart 1 month ago 137m
BONUS! Monday September 9: Oh, What a Week it Was "Translating Lori" 1 month ago 39m
BONUS! Monday September 9: Defending Lori Lightfoot With Laurie Glenn and Juanita Irizarry 1 month ago 61m
BONUS! Sunday September 8: With Senator Robert Peters 1 month ago 64m
BONUS! Saturday September 7: With Attorney Clinton Krislov 2 months ago 64m
Friday September 6: With Rummana Hussain, David Seaton & Jacob Kaplan 2 months ago 143m
Thursday September 5: With Miles Kampf-Lassin & Andrea Raila 2 months ago 142m
Wednesday September 4: With Atiba Buchanan & David Hochberg 2 months ago 105m
Tuesday September 3: With Maya Dukmasova & Carlos Ramirez-Rosa 2 months ago 130m
BONUS! Monday September 2: Oh, What a Week it Was...(Last week in review) 2 months ago 42m
BONUS! Monday September 2: With Niketa Brar, Anton Seals Jr. & Andy Kang 2 months ago 67m
BONUS! Sunday September 1: With Ace Attorney Jim Coogan 2 months ago 57m
BONUS! Saturday August 31: With Chris Fusco 2 months ago 42m
Friday August 30: With Rummana Hussain, Terry Cosgrove & Del Marie Cobb 2 months ago 143m
Thursday August 29: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Kim Oritz & Sergio Mims 2 months ago 125m
Wednesday August 28: With Monroe Anderson, Micah Uetricht & Brandon Johnson 2 months ago 140m
Tuesday August 27: With Adolfo Mondragon, Marc Sims & Tom Shepherd 2 months ago 134m
BONUS! Monday August 26: With Laurie Glenn 2 months ago 54m
BONUS! Sunday August 25: With Sun-Times Columnist Phil Kadner 2 months ago 55m
BONUS! Saturday August 24: With Meredith Shiner & Joanna Klonsky 2 months ago 65m
Friday August 23: A Love Letter to Chicago Journalism with Ken Davis, Mick Dumke, Rummana Hussain & Monroe Anderson 2 months ago 140m
Thursday August 22 With Miles-Kampf Lassin, Jeff Johnson & David Roeder 2 months ago 131m
Wednesday August 21: With Monroe Anderson, Candis Castillo & Doris Davenport 2 months ago 137m
Tuesday August 20: Ben is Back! With Adolfo Mondragon, Amisha Patel & Mystery Guest 2 months ago 128m
Monday August 19: A Benny J Replay! With Willie Wilson and Monroe Anderson 2 months ago 34m
Friday August 16: With Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez 2 months ago 62m
Thursday August 15: With Jaime Andrade Jr. & David Feller 2 months ago 75m
Wednesday August 14: With Mark Bazer 2 months ago 66m
Tuesday August 13: With Henry Davis Jr Part 2 2 months ago 58m
BONUS! Monday August 12: With Neill Mohammad Part 2 2 months ago 71m
BONUS! Sunday August 11: With Aaron Cohen 2 months ago 48m
BONUS! Saturday August 10: With Annie Costabile and Madeline Kenney 2 months ago 27m
Friday August 9: With Rummana Hussain, Jacob Kaplan & Dan Pogorzelski 2 months ago 139m
Thursday August 8: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Jake Lewis & Ismael Cuevas 2 months ago 139m
Wednesday August 7: With Monroe Anderson, Dr. Willie Wilson & Pat Whalen 3 months ago 141m
Tuesday August 6: With Maya Dukmasova, Marjorie Fritz-Birch & David Glowacz 3 months ago 145m
BONUS! Monday August 5: With Kari Lydersen 3 months ago 44m
BONUS! Sunday August 4: A "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" Review with Sergio Mims, Chris Buddy and Christopher Adams 3 months ago 69m
BONUS! Saturday August 3: With Sameena Mustafa, Atiba Buchanan & David Seaton 3 months ago 80m
Friday August 2: With Rummana Hussain, Jim Coogan & Anleeta Buchanan 3 months ago 138m
Thursday August 1: Debate Night 2! With Brianna Wellen, Ryan Kelly & Doris Davenport 3 months ago 161m
Wednesday July 31: Debate Night! With Monroe Anderson, Mike Nowak & Sergio Mims 3 months ago 143m
Tuesday July 30: With Rachel Joravsky, Danielle Degrasse Alston, Amisha Patel, Gaylon Alcarez & Mystery Guest 3 months ago 142m
BONUS! Monday July 29: With Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez 3 months ago 62m
BONUS! Sunday July 28: With Mark Bazer 3 months ago 66m
BONUS! Saturday July 27th: With Richard Steele 3 months ago 66m
Friday July 26: With Rummana Hussain, Ken Davis & John Gleason Teske 3 months ago 141m
The Missing BONUS Interview! July 15: With Senator Toi Hutchinson & Terry Cosgrove 3 months ago 52m
Thursday July 25: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Ed Maher, Nicole Cantello & Loreen Targos 3 months ago 125m
Wednesday July 24th: The Mueller Testimony With Monroe Anderson, David Faris & Maureen O'Donnell 3 months ago 139m
Tuesday July 23: With Maya Dukmasova, Derrick Clifton & Andrea Raila 3 months ago 140m
BONUS! Monday July 22: With Jaime Andrade & Dave Feller 3 months ago 75m
BONUS! Sunday July 21: With Michael Dorf & George Van Dusen 3 months ago 69m
BONUS! Saturday July 20: With Dan Weissmann 3 months ago 46m
Friday July 19: With Rummana Hussain, D'Frantz Smart, Sergio Vicente & Tony Thedford 3 months ago 139m
Thursday July 18: With Leor Galil & Jeff Johnson 3 months ago 127m
Wednesday July 17: With Monroe Anderson, Atiba Buchanan & Laurie Glenn 3 months ago 135m
Tuesday July 16: With Adolfo Mondragon, Erika Wozniak, Tom Shepherd & Jerry Brown 3 months ago 132m
BONUS! Monday July 15: With Terry Cosgrove & Senator Toi Hutchinson 3 months ago 153m
BONUS! Sunday July 14: With "The Political Love Couple" Kitty Kurth and Kevin Lampe 3 months ago 68m
BONUS! Saturday July 13: With ProPublica Reporter Jason Grotto 3 months ago 59m
Friday July 12: With Rummana Hussain, The Heartland Mamas & Doris Davenport 3 months ago 153m
Thursday July 11: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Jake Lewis & Ismael Cuevas 3 months ago 131m
Wednesday July 10: With Monroe Anderson, Sameena Mustafa & Micah Uetricht 3 months ago 143m
Tuesday July 9: With Maya Dukmasova, Marj Halperin & Jim Coogan 3 months ago 137m
BONUS! Monday July 8: With Comptroller Susana Mendoza 4 months ago 49m
BONUS! Sunday July 7: With Bhaskar Sunkara 4 months ago 48m
BONUS! Saturday July 6: With Chicago Bulls Writer Joe Cowley 4 months ago 35m
July 5: A Benny J. Replay with Monroe Anderson & Rickey Hendon (from June 12 2019) 4 months ago 133m
Wednesday July 3: With Monroe Anderson & Atiba Buchanan 4 months ago 138m
Tuesday July 2: With Maya Dukmasova, Mike Nowak & Andrew Schneider 4 months ago 141m
BONUS! Monday July 1: First Monday with Investigative Reporter Mick Dumke 4 months ago 51m
BONUS! Sunday June 30: With Senator Toi Hutchinson & State Rep. Jehan Gordon Booth 4 months ago 63m
BONUS! Saturday June 29: With Andy Grimm 4 months ago 77m
Friday June 28: Debate Night With Rummana Hussain, Candis Castillo, Sameena Mustafa & Dan Pogorzelski 4 months ago 142m
Thurs day June 27: With Karen Hawkins, Ryan Kelly, Mystery Guest & Sean Callahan 4 months ago 129m
Wednesday June 26: With Monroe Anderson & Micah Uetricht 4 months ago 141m
Tuesday June 25: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Amisha Patel & Mystery Guest 4 months ago 118m
BONUS! Monday June 24: With Ken Davis & Mick Dumke 4 months ago 48m
A Benny J Replay: With South Bend Mayoral Candidate Henry Davis Gates Jr. 4 months ago 78m
BONUS! Saturday June 22nd: With Maureen O'Donnell 4 months ago 42m
Friday June 21: Summer Movie Madness with Chris Buddy & Sergio Mims 4 months ago 65m
Thursday June 20: With Jen Sabella & Erika Wozniak of The Girl Talk 4 months ago 47m
Wednesday June 19: With Monroe Anderson & Sergio Mims 4 months ago 133m
Tuesday June 18: With Rob Martwick, Kristen Kaza, Jerry Brown & Tom Shepherd 4 months ago 141m
BONUS! Monday June 17: With Rob Paral - Chicago Population Expert 4 months ago 51m
BONUS! Sunday June 16: With Atiba Buchanan & David Seaton 4 months ago 66m
BONUS! Saturday June 15: With Sarah Karp of WBEZ 4 months ago 30m
Friday June 14: With Mark Brown, D'Frantz Smart & Sergio Vicente 4 months ago 141m
Thursday June 13: With Casey Toner, Ed Maher & Sue Sadlowski Garza 4 months ago 149m
Tuesday June 11: With Maya Dukmasova, Adolfo Mondragon & Marc Sims 4 months ago 138m
BONUS! Monday June 10: With Delmarie Cobb 4 months ago 40m
BONUS! Sunday June 9: With Joseph Geevarghese of Our Revolution 5 months ago 34m
BONUS! Saturday June 8: With Alden Loury of WBEZ 5 months ago 68m
Friday June 7: With Rummana Hussain, Carlo Rotella & Sameena Mustafa 5 months ago 144m
Thursday June 6: With Edwin Eisendrath, Bob Reiter & Anne Shaw 5 months ago 137m
Wednesday June 5: With Monroe Anderson, Jim Coogan & Kina Collins 5 months ago 132m
Tuesday June 4: With Maya Dukmasova, Anthony Clark & David Roeder 5 months ago 132m
BONUS! Monday June 3: With Tim Tuten 5 months ago 61m
BONUS! Sunday June 2: With Henry Davis Jr & Stacy Davis-Gates 5 months ago 78m
BONUS! Saturday June 1: With Mick Dumke 5 months ago 40m
Friday May 31: With Rummana Hussain, Heidi Henry & Doris Davenport 5 months ago 151m
Thursday May 30: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Jeff Johnson & Candice Castillo 5 months ago 136m
Wednesday May 29: With Monroe Anderson, Atiba Buchanan, Amisha Patel & Mystery Guest... 5 months ago 136m
Tuesday May 28: With Maya Dukmasova, Tina Sfondeles, Jacob Kaplan & Dan Pogorzelski 5 months ago 133m
BONUS! Monday May 27: With Troy LaRaviere 5 months ago 43m
BONUS! Sunday May 26: With Dee Beaubien and Marcie Love 5 months ago 51m
BONUS! Saturday May 25: With Eric Zorn 5 months ago 54m
Friday May 24: With Rummana Hussain, Mike Nowak & David Glowacz 5 months ago 144m
Thursday May 23: With Jim Lewis, Brian Ernst & Chris Buddy 5 months ago 124m
Wednesday May 22: With Monroe Anderson & Ray Hanania 5 months ago 126m
Tuesday May 21: With Atiba Buchanan, David Seaton, Stephanie Zimmermann & Sergio Vicente 5 months ago 134m
BONUS! Monday May 20: A Lightfoot Inauguration Special With Joanna Klonsky and Jason McGrath 5 months ago 64m
BONUS! Sunday May 19: With David Faris 5 months ago 51m
BONUS! Saturday May 18: With Mick Dumke 5 months ago 52m
Friday May 17: With Rummana Hussain, Maya Dukmasova & Micah Uetricht 5 months ago 135m
Thursday May 16: With Evan Moore, Kim Ortiz & Nicole Cantello 5 months ago 130m
Wednesday May 15: With Monroe Anderson, Justin Horwitz & Andy Schneider 5 months ago 134m
Tuesday May 14: With Maya Dukmasova, Fred Klonsky & D'Frantz Smart 5 months ago 137m
BONUS! Monday May 13: With Rickey Hendon 5 months ago 47m
BONUS! Sunday May 12: With Neill Mohammad 5 months ago 50m
BONUS! Saturday May 11: With Linda Lutton 5 months ago 56m
Friday May 10: With Adolfo Mondragon, Kitty Kurth & Kevin Lampe 5 months ago 147m
Thursday May 9: With Charise Williams & John Bouman 6 months ago 133m
Wednesday May 8: With Atiba Buchanan, Bhaskar Sunkara & Mike Klonsky 6 months ago 135m
Tuesday May 7: With Maya Dukmasova, Marc Sims & Jim Coogan 6 months ago 130m
BONUS! Monday May 6: With Stacy Davis Gates 6 months ago 63m
BONUS! Sunday May 5: Meet West Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Stephen Smith 6 months ago 31m
BONUS! Saturday May 4: Remembering Chicago Newsroom with Ken Davis 6 months ago 43m
Friday May 3: With Rummana Hussain, Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez & Laurie Glenn 6 months ago 135m
Thursday May 2: With Miles Kampf-Lassin, Mick Dumke, Jeff Johnson & Ken Davis 6 months ago 138m
Wednesday May 1: With Monroe Anderson, Atiba Buchanan & Jeanette Taylor 6 months ago 134m
Tuesday April 30: With Maya Dukmasova, Sam Holloway & Doris Davenport 6 months ago 133m
BONUS! Monday April 29: With Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson 6 months ago 47m
BONUS! Saturday April 27: With FOX 32 Reporter Mike Flannery 6 months ago 41m
Friday April 26: With Rummana Hussain, Heidi Henry & Sergio Mims 6 months ago 133m
Thursday April 25: With Tom McNamee, Ryan Kelly & Ram Villivalam 6 months ago 131m
Wednesday April 24th: With Monroe Anderson, Ann Williams & Terry Cosgrove 6 months ago 136m
Tuesday April 23: With Maya Dukmasova, Jacob Kaplan & Dan Pogorzelski 6 months ago 137m
BONUS! Monday April 22: With Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa 6 months ago 57m
BONUS! Saturday April 20: The Blagojevich Tapes - With Dave McKinney and Collin McNulty 6 months ago 55m
Friday April 19: With Rummana Hussain, Candis Castillo & Rob Martwick 6 months ago 144m
Thursday April 18: With Mick Dumke, Ed Maher & Steve Lester 6 months ago 125m
Wednesday April 17: With Monroe Anderson, Jason McGrath & Kady McFadden 6 months ago 128m
Tuesday April 16: With Rita Bosworth, Andrea Raila & Adolfo Mondragon 6 months ago 132m
BONUS! Monday April 15: An "Our Revolution" Special With Richard Rodriguez & Drew Duzinskas 6 months ago 42m
BONUS! Saturday April 13: The Trump Files Volume 1 - With Ace Attorney Jim Coogan 6 months ago 52m
Friday April 12: With Rummana Hussain, Michael O'Connor & Delmarie Cobb 6 months ago 139m
Thursday April 11: With Tom McNamee, Jake Lewis & Matt Martin 6 months ago 135m
Wednesday April 10: With Monroe Anderson, James Muhammad & Amisha Patel 6 months ago 136m
Tuesday April 9: With Maya Dukmasova, David Glowacz and Peter Janko 7 months ago 129m
BONUS Monday April 8: Waguespack is Back! Alderman Scott Waguespack 7 months ago 46m
BONUS! Saturday April 6: Chicago Sun-Times Special With Chris Fusco 7 months ago 41m
Friday April 5: With Rummana Hussain, Joanna Klonsky & David Faris 7 months ago 138m
Thursday April 4: With Mick Dumke, Jeff Johnson & Anne Kirkner 7 months ago 130m
Wednesday April 3: With Monroe Anderson, Tracy Baim, Steve Cohen & Paula Froehle 7 months ago 129m
Tuesday April 2: Election Day! With Maya Dukmasova, Tony Macaluso & Pat Quinn 7 months ago 128m
BONUS! Monday April 1: The Mendoza Report - With Susana Mendoza 7 months ago 36m
Saturday March 30: A Smollet-Gate! Exclusive with Andy Grimm 7 months ago 42m
Friday March 29: With Rummana Hussain, Jeremy Wechsler and Toi Hutchinson 7 months ago 138m
Thursday March 28: With Kathy Chaney, Ryan Kelly & Steve Lester 7 months ago 118m
Wednesday March 27: With Monroe Anderson, Max Temkin, Kitty Kurth & Erika Wozniak 7 months ago 128m
Tuesday March 26: With Maya Dukmasova, Ra Joy & Anthony Clark 7 months ago 130m
Monday March 25: The Deep Dive 5 - With Jake Lewis (State Politics Special) 7 months ago 26m
Saturday March 23: A Sun-Times Mayoral Candidate Special - with Mark Brown and Lauren FitzPatrick 7 months ago 31m
Friday March 22: With Rummana Hussain, Kelly Cassidy & Emily Miller 7 months ago 133m
Thursday March 21: With Leor Galil, Jake Lewis & Sue Sadlowski Garza 7 months ago 122m
Wednesday March 20: With Miles Kampf-Lassin & Alderman Nick Sposato 7 months ago 122m
Tuesday March 19: With Monroe Anderson & Jim Coogan 7 months ago 132m
Sunday March 17: A Chicago Reader Back Room Deal Special: With Maya Dukmasova 7 months ago 32m
Saturday March 16: What Else Was News?? It's ALDERMANIA!! (A Week in Review) 7 months ago 48m
Friday March 15: Mayoral Candidate Lori Lightfoot (Interview Only) 7 months ago 35m
Friday March 15: With Rummana Hussain, Marc Sims & Lori Lightfoot 7 months ago 128m
Thursday March 14: With Maya Dukmasova, Jeff Johnson & John Arena 7 months ago 130m
Wednesday March 13: With Tom McNamee, Maria Hadden & Amara Enyia 7 months ago 132m
Tuesday March 12: With Monroe Anderson, Adolfo Mondragon & Mike Nowak 7 months ago 132m
Sunday March 10: What Else Was News?? - Preckwinkle or Lightfoot? (A Week in Review) 8 months ago 51m
Friday March 8: With Rummana Hussain & Stacy Davis Gates 8 months ago 123m
Thursday March 7: With Maya Dukmasova, Ryan Kelly & Scott Waguespack 8 months ago 142m
Wednesday March 6: With Evan Moore & Carlos Ramirez Rosa 8 months ago 121m
Tuesday March 5: Troy LaRaviere & Willie Wilson (interview only) 8 months ago 53m
Tuesday March 5: With Mark Brown, Troy LaRaviere & Willie Wilson 8 months ago 122m
Friday, March 1: With Rummana Hussain & Sergio Mims 8 months ago 118m
Thursday, Feb. 28: With guests Lynn Sweet, Ed Maher & Maya Dukmasova 8 months ago 120m
Wednesday, Feb. 27: Our first show! With Mick Dumke 8 months ago 121m
The Ben Joravsky Show returns 8 months ago 11m