Look Forward

Look Forward


A political junkie’s best friend. Hosted by Jay and Andy. Look Forward will be a show that focuses on domestic, as well as, foreign politics. Smart political talk from a set of unique perspectives. Two total goofballs who break down the political news of the week with detail and humor to keep you laughing instead of crying!

This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to give their thoughts on “Q: Into the Storm,” Corporations vs. the GOP, economic recovery under the Biden administration, another capitol police officer killed, Trump grifting more old people, John Boehner gets lit and tells more truths, ever-growing Matt Gaetz insanity, and much more.


– “Q: Into the Storm” thoughts
– Corporations realize where the $$ is at
– Republicans looking for the guy who did this
– The economy on the comeback trail
– Capitol police officer killed in a deliberate vehicle ramming
– Grifters gonna grift
– John Boehner was drinking too much wine during his audiobook recording, apparently


– Ok, we can talk more about Matt Gaetz

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