The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano

The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano


“The Other Side of Midnight” is live and local radio at its finest, with an emphasis on theater of the mind. Hosted by Frank Morano, a lifelong New Yorker with an encyclopedic knowledge of local politics and an excessive passion for cheese, Star Trek, cigars and martinis, this show takes you where other radio shows don’t dare to tread. On The Other Side of Midnight, Frank suggests that we need to start a new government from scratch. He asks the audience if given the opportunity what would they make it look like and how would work? Dr. Marc Siegel on what he would say to someone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated. The AC Report with David Danzis. Plus – we talk body language with Tonya Reiman in relations to the Derek Chauvin Trial.

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