Brent’s Two Cents: The Semi-Serious Thoughts of a Guy in Belize

Brent’s Two Cents: The Semi-Serious Thoughts of a Guy in Belize


What’s on Brent’s mind? He’s just a guy in Belize with strong opinions on current affairs, politics, the economy, and society. Unfiltered and uncensored, this weekly podcast will give you something to think and talk about.

Episode 30 – Seemingly without warning the Ministry of Education has announced that schools will re-open for face to face learning on April 12. But is this really just a move by GOB to prepare for a battle with teachers over proposed salary cuts?

Plus, four very expensive lawyers are fighting over who gets to be the next Comptroller of Customs. Why would both parties spend so much for a promotion that results in a rather modest increase in salary?

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Listen to episode 3 about the last time Belize tried to re-open schools.

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