Feed The Jar

Feed The Jar

by Rixey

October 16, 2019 3:00 pm

From Rixey, this is Feed The Jar. An actual play Dungeons & Dragons show featuring full sound design for immersion!
In this episode, our adventurers report back to Vajra  and have some unwanted encounters. 


#11. Rude Awakening 1 week ago 102m
#10. Evil's Twin 2 weeks ago 71m
#9. Without A Carriage 3 weeks ago 99m
#8. Ghost Hunters 4 weeks ago 83m
#7. The Talking Horse 1 month ago 79m
#6. Homecoming 1 month ago 91m
#5. Finding Floon 2 months ago 77m
#4. Down The Drain 2 months ago 67m
#3. Flight of the Kenku 2 months ago 52m
#2. A Lot Of Walk & A Lot Of Talk 2 months ago 50m
#1. The Yawning Portal 2 months ago 73m
Character Creation (Bonus) 3 months ago 37m
Feed The Jar | Trailer 3 months ago 1m