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According to reports, a guy attempted to bury his estranged wife alive in the woods after kidnapping her.

Officers were called to a residence in the 3800 block of Rossberg Street on October 16 in response to a report of overheard yelling and sounds of struggle, according to a news release from the Lacey Police Department. Authorities reportedly met children at the scene who claimed their parents went to go shopping about 30 minutes earlier.

Police reported that after conducting a more thorough investigation of the house, they discovered duct tape that they suspect was used to treat the victim.

Authorities issued an endangered missing persons warning and the mother, Young An, reportedly has a domestic violence protection order against her estranged husband, Chae An.

According to probable cause documents acquired by KING-TV, Young An’s estranged husband was waiting for her inside the house on October 16 when she returned from church with her two children. The lady reportedly told her kids to leave so that she and Chae An could discuss their divorce and financial issues.

Chae An allegedly assaulted Young An after becoming enraged and taped her up with duct tape. According to reports, the victim dialed 911 and alerted her contacts using her Apple Watch.

KING claims that Chae Ann put his divorced wife in a van and took her to the woods. He allegedly attempted to bury her alive there by covering her with earth. According to the victim, she spent a couple hours underneath, according to KING.

The woman was able to remove the tape from her arms on October 17 and flee. She reportedly spent about a half-hour walking through the woods before showing up at a residence on Stedman Road at around 12:52 a.m., when she informed the resident that her divorced husband had attempted to kill her. When Thurston County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the house, Young An reportedly informed them that Chae An had abducted her and taken her to the woods.

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