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A podcast where I interview womxn about places they have been to and the things they did there. It’s a somewhat comedic podcast of shared experiences, cultural differences, and personal pitfalls.

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In the full-length episode, we discuss the martyr, Fedosya Morozova, who refused to give up her spiritual beliefs.

We also discuss Praskovia Kovalyova, “The Pearl” cinderella of opera who was freed from serf-dom to marry her owner.

We acknowledge that Nazdezha (Alexander) Durova was either transgender as a male or nonbinary. To learn more, check out the LGBT Foundation on nonbinary inclusion: https://lgbt.foundation/who-we-help/trans-people/non-binary

Katya would like to recommend this site for more books on badass Russian Womxn: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Russias-Women-Accommodation-Resistance-Transformation/dp/0520070240

We also asked about POC in Russia, Katya recommendation? “For starters, look up Alexander Pushkin and his ancestor Abraham Gannibal.”

For more on Russian modern culture, Annika recommends checking out the movie Stilyagi, its Clockwork Orange meets The Outsiders, but more fun.

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