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This travel podcast travels the unbeaten path. Unfolding Maps talks to adventurers of all dimensions about their expeditions and the experiences that shaped them. Join the host, Erik Lorenz, in his conversations with globetrotters, who are best-selling writers, award-winning photographers and critically-acclaimed filmmakers.

Through the pens and lenses of these border crossers, Unfolding Maps tells stories that encourage us to step out of familiar spaces, to venture to the other side of borders, and to savor the magic moments in between – big and small.

Open your eyes to adventure – with Unfolding Maps.

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As a war correspondent for the Daily Telegraph Tim Butcher quickly became obsessed with one of the world’s most war-ravaged countries – the Congo. Its rich and multi-layered history triggered him to dig deeper in his attempt to better understand “the heart of Africa”. After discovering a personal and direct link to a famous historical expedition, Tim took on an adventurous journey and set off down a jungle track from Eastern to Western Congo. In his 2007 published book “Blood River – A Journey to Africa’s Broken Heart”, which topped several bestseller lists, he reveals the story of the Congo and its troubles, which still remain up to date.

In this episode of Unfolding Maps, he tells a part of this story – and of his own explorations of the Congo.

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