Travels With Randy Podcast

Travels With Randy Podcast


Randy Smythe has decided to retire at age 59 and spend an entire year traveling across the United States with the goal of visiting every US National Park. Our weekly podcast will follow Randy and get weekly updates on where he’s been, what he’s seen, and who he’s met – as well as sprinkle in some retirement planning advice, income stream ideas, and e-commerce news and discussion with his good friend Kevin “Bubba” Harmon.

Episode 49 of the Travels With Randy Podcast is here!

I mean, every week now feels like a month, doesn’t it?

We couldn’t make this stuff up even if we were writing a sci-fi novel. Trump vs. Biden was a gigantic mess that did nothing for either side, which we discuss at length but is only the warm up to the craziest news of the week: Trump contracts COVID-19. We discuss these events at length of course. Bubba also reviews the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.


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