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Location Independent Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads living the 4-hour workweek. Interviews with eCommerce, Drop Shipping, Amazon, Kindle, FBA, Affiliate, and Marketing experts. Subscribe for weekly interviews about Travel, Running Online Businesses as a Digital Nomad, Ecommerce, Drop Shipping, Affiliate Marketing and other Location Independent Online Businesses that generate passive income.

Kevin Martin went from working in the military to being a lawyer to a full time travel blogger. He now earns over $10,000 a month in profit from his Youtube channel and brand collaborations. We talk about how he grew his audience and is on track to make over six figures ($100,000) a year online while still traveling in 2020!

Kevin is a member of the Income Boss course where I teach audience building, as well as how to monetize through affiliate offerings. Check out the course at

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Show Notes:

Guest: Kevin Martin

Kevin’s Blog:

Kevin’s Youtube:

Host: Johnny FD

Johnny’s Blog:

Johnny’s Youtube:

Check out the course at

(Use coupon code TRAVELBOSS for 50% off!)

Earnest Affiliate is now rebranded as Income Boss.

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